A Little About Bwana Iguana Reptile Adventure

Bwana Iguana Reptile Adventure™ is an exciting interactive program that both entertains and educates people of all ages about the mysterious world of reptiles and amphibians.

Owner Ray Ward is currently a member of the National Geographic Society and was the first President of the Rhode Island Herpetological Association. Ray has kept and successfully bred many types of reptiles since boyhood, which makes him very knowledgeable about reptiles as a whole.

Ray’s subtle humor and wit, coupled with his unbridled enthusiasm and love of reptiles and children, makes every one of his shows a hit.
If you like the Crocodile Hunter, then you’ll love Bwana Iguana!

Bwana Iguana’s Mission

Education and Conservation are always the message at a Bwana Iguana presentation. Whether it’s a birthday party, school show, scouts or fair, Ray does his best to educate without boring his audience with facts. Ray carefully explains points of interest with an infectious level of enthusiasm.

Quite often people with a life-long fear of reptiles will say that they actually enjoyed the "hands on" portion of the show.
Mission accomplished!